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The Great Conversation: Volume  The Great Conversation: Volume 1: Hesiod through Descartes ISBN: 0195175115 , 0767420411 Author: Norman Melchert
For Sale
General Chemistry UBC  General Chemistry UBC Chemistry 121/123 Volume A and B Second Custom Edition for University of British Columbia
For Sale
Psycology 100  7th Ed. Psychology Text & Study Guide
For Sale
Math 104/184  Calculus Ideas & Applications - (Alex Himonas & Alan Howard) ISBN 0-471-40145-5
For Sale
Physics 100/101/102  3rd Edition Volume I & II Physics for Scientists & Engineers w/ Modern Physics and WITH STUDY GUIDE!!! ISBN: 0-13-021519-8
For Sale
Biology 121/140   -PKG Biological Science 2/E W/Gradebook Website Card - PKG Biological Science 2/E Short GD Writing About Biology
For Sale
UBC Phy 101/102 textbooks!!  - Physics for Scientists & Engineer 3rd edition Volume 1 (Douglas C. Giancoli) <> - Physics for Scientists &
For Sale
UBC Chem 121/123 text!!!  - General Chemistry 2nd custom edition volume A (Petrucci) <<99% new>> - General Chemistry 2nd custom edition volume B (Petru
For Sale
UBC Bio 121/140 textbooks!!  - Biological Science 2nd edition (Scott Freeman) <<99.9% new>> - A Short Guide To Writing About Biology 5th edition (Jan A. P
For Sale
University Books for Sale  UBC Comm457:Fundamental Accounting Principle (only been used for one term). Phil240:Human Knowledge. Principles of Biochemist
For Sale
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