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Science and Math

Experienced high school tutor  I have many years of experience tutoring high school students in math and science. I cater to individual's learning method.  
Math/Biology/Chem/Phys Tutor  I am a medical student who can tutor you anytime.  
Math, Science gr.7-12 Tutoring  First year UBC Science student with 98% cumulative average in high school IB program. Experienced: paid tutoring for 3+ years.  
Science Tutor  I just graduated from UBC and I love to teach. I spent all my years as a student as a tutor as well.  
High School Tutoring  With a UBC degree in Biochemistry and 6 years of tutoring experience, I can certainly help meet your academic needs.  
Experienced and Friendly tutor  I am experienced with teaching and tutoring kids. Let me help you with your homework and improve your marks!  
Succeed in Physics 11 & 12  Become a more confident learner in the next school year by previewing Phys 11/12 material, which are taught to meet the IPO's.  
gr.10-12 MATH,SCIENCE TUTOR  A first year at McGill University with a 4.0 GPA last term. Straight A student in high school with a 96%+ avg. in gr.12.  
Math Tutoring by PhD in Math  A PhD in math with many years experience in teaching. I am able to teach all grades of schools, colleges and Universities.  
Math tutor  3rd year UBC student majoring in combined major in science in math chemistry and life sciences  
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